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Our Values Are Constitutional


We stand firm and strong in our belief systems and why we created this brand of coffee.
Representing the value of arguably one of the best coffees on the market, we fuel our values in patriotism under what we believe are the 8 core principles of conservatism.

1. Individual Freedom
2. Limited Government
3. The Rule of Law
4. Peace through Strength
5. Fiscal Responsibility
6. Free Markets
7. Human Dignity
8. Constitutionalism

We believe our rights and ability to create a brand identity of any kind truly only exists in the United States of America.
It is our right and our obligation to fight and serve in the best possible way to conserve our American way of life and support all initiatives and movements that do the same. That's why our primary focus beyond making the world's best coffee, is to contribute 10% of our total revenues to conservative causes.
We will never waiver from our commitment and never sell out of our intent and values.


One of the easiest ways to partner with us is to serve Patriot Red coffee to our employees. Every cup of coffee generates support dollars for our conservative driven fights to save our country.

To learn more about Employee Benefits and why changing your coffee could change your business, click here now.

To be an Ambassador of Patriot Red and potentially earn an income sharing our coffee with other businesses and Patriots, click here now to learn about our Ambassador program.

Thank you for supporting our mission and values. Every cup counts