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The "Red Special" Coffee

Red Special: Changing The Coffee Experience

Not just infrared roasted, but coffee fruit infused

Did you know that the coffee bean comes from a coffee fruit or berry?

For hundreds of years, the fruit has been discarded to cultivate the beans to roast and brew coffee.

Until about a dozen years ago, when it was discovered that the fruit had powerful antioxidant value and incredibly healthy.

Through new science and technologies, we've now been able to extract the power of this incredible fruit that turns out has the highest ORAC Score of any other fruit, making it extremely healthy for you.

Plus, studies over the last 10+ years show the coffee fruit's ability to trigger your BDNF. Read more on the employee benefits page.

Why infusing coffee fruit with infrared is so unique

Taste, health, no jitters or crash, and the BDNF effect

Why keep drinking that "off the shelf" coffee that's not only not that great for you, doesn't taste great and gives you the jitters? We bring you options!

Red Special, with the combination of our infrared roasting and the coffee fruit extract, we're everything about coffee. And, with one of the highest antioxidant scores of any fruit, switching your coffees is practically a no-brainer.


Only $1.56 per serving of Red Special coffee!

For your drip coffee maker or French Press or even single pour overs, our 12 oz bags will make 22-24 servings depending on your measure.

When you buy 3 bags or more, we pay the shipping!



Only $1.10 per serving of Red Special coffee!

Drink a lot of coffee? Multiple persons in your household? Brewing coffee at the office?

This is the best deal at only $1.10 per serving.

We pay the shipping!


The Coffee Fruit Story

For hundreds of years (approx. 400), the fruit of the coffee plant had been discarded for the bean.
However, it had been said that sheep herders in north Africa were known to eat the fruit for energy.
As the fruit made it's way into Saudi Arabia, coffee was born with the boiling of the beans, which continues to this day.
Over the last 100 years, coffee became one of the most consumed and marketed beverages in the USA.
In 1972, a little coffee shop brand started in Seattle that has become a household name.

Around 15+/- years ago, studies began on a Mexican coffee plantation to determine why the coffee pickers were so healthy, had such great skin and always seemed in happy spirits.
It turned out that the common denominator was that the coffee pickers were eating the coffee fruit right from the plants, just like those sheep herders hundreds of years before.
Studies have since concluded and proven that the coffee fruit has more nutritional benefits than most other fruits on the planet.

When first studied, science used an ORAC score (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), which measures the antioxidant capacity of different foods (see the above ORAC value image of blueberries, acai and coffee fruit).

Science Based Coffee Fruit Values

For over a decade now, coffee fruit has been studied for more than just its antioxidant values.

As a premier nutraceutical company continues to explore the values of this magical fruit, they're also providing the technologies to be able to do what we're now doing: blending the power of the coffee fruit with the coffee beans.

Beyond that, we're doing something completely unique, blending the coffee fruit with infrared roasted coffee beans.

Red Special is going to be part history by creating the future of coffee.