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The Ultimate Roasting Process

We've got a secret

Infrared roasted beans.

Unlike conventional roasting, infrared roasting exposes the coffee bean to infrared heat that is generated by heating a drum but allowing only the radiated (Infrared) heat to touch the coffee beans. The green coffee beans are therefore never subjected to high temperature, rather the temperature of each bean is gently and evenly raised to perfection. It is then dropped into a cooler, exposing it to ambient air and quench water to instantly stop the cooking process without raising the moisture and achieving the desired caramelization (color specification) and roasting consistency.

The end result is always consistent, incredible tasting coffee that is dramatically different from the rest.


One of the easiest ways to partner with us is to serve Patriot Red coffee to our employees. Every cup of coffee generates support dollars for our conservative driven fights to save our country.

To learn more about Employee Benefits and why changing your coffee could change your business, click here now.

To be an Ambassador of Patriot Red and potentially earn an income sharing our coffee with other businesses and Patriots, click here now to learn about our Ambassador program.

Thank you for supporting our mission and values. Every cup counts

What happens when you blend infrared roasted beans with coffee fruit?



You haven't had coffee until you've had your coffee fruit!
Coffee beans come from a coffee fruit, and coffee fruit has extraordinary values, including incredible taste.

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